Sailor Moon the Movie: Reports from Mars and Co.

I know I’ve been terribly absent, but life gets really busy, and July has been stuffed with turning 26, job hunting, family, emotional stress and a lot of booze.

BUT! There is some news for me to give this time around! It’s no promise, but while I’ve submitted a panel for lolita fashion culture to New York Comic Con, I’ve checked with David on the possibility of screening the movie there. David just finished the really heavy green screened parts, though there might need to be smaller editing in those. Still, that means that if we find no further interruptions in production, the movie is well on schedule and should be done before the convention. There’s no promises that it will be shown at Comic Con (as they do not confirm anything until August 7th, I believe), but we are trying. So fingers crossed! If not, we will be looking at the closest bigger cons after that for a screening.

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